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About Kelsey Ann Dog Grooming

Kelsey Ann Dog Grooming is named for me. I go by Kelsey, but all of me is Kelsey Ann. I give my heart when grooming. I am passionate about making dogs look and feel phenomenal. My mission is to positively emphasize the health and happiness of each dog. You won't just be receiving a groom but receiving a groomer you can trust to make your dog look and feel its very best! Each service is given with love and care from an experienced groomer that will treat your dog like family.

What differentiates us

I strive to offer the best grooming available in Ashland City. I do not book QUANTITY to sacrifice quality services for my clients. Each pet is given the proper time and attention they deserve without being rushed through. I offer Hydro-massage spa-like bathing unlike most in the area, which will give you a cleaner dog in half the time. I use high quality shampoos that use top of the line ingredients. Each dog is blow dried thoroughly, ears cleaned with quality products made by Top Master Groomers and nails are checked THREE times to ensure they are as short as safely possible. Nail Grinding services are completed with the "BEST OF THE BEST" DIAMOND grinder that does not get hot, does not catch skin or pads and does not entrap hair. I am trained in up-to-date breed styles and I specialize in Pet Puppy Cuts making each dog look "cute" I handscissor out each and every groom and will cater to your pet's personal needs during grooming process. If you're looking for a Quality groomer, look no further! You will get your hard earned dollar's worth here!

How I was trained

In 2005 I attended an Academy through PetSmart in Nashville, TN. After academy I acquired safety and grooming certifications to become a Professional Pet Stylist. I worked at several Middle Tennessee PetSmart locations as they were opening stores in the mid-2000's. In 2007 I transferred to Jacksonville, NC where I worked with 10 other groomers from all over the world. After leaving the corporate world I worked under several Master Groomers 2009-2014. In 2014 I worked for a local Animal Clinic for 2 years before deciding to open my own business. I attend seminars and trade shows all over the US to perfect my craft and stay up-to-date on all new styles and products.

Why I love what I do

I love making each dog I meet feel like Grooming is a fun way of life. I want every dog to feel safe in my care and love being pampered. It is the greatest feeling seeing their tails wag after a Spa Day. They feel better after getting cleaned up. Dogs are the most genuine creatures on the Earth and to know a dog is to truly know love. To help a dog feel loved is the greatest gift.

Meet Kelsey Sexton


Besides grooming I am Mommy to two boys, Jayden Michael age 7 and Jax Phoenix age 3. They keep me fairly busy. When I was a kid I loved dance, music and my weenie-beagle Puddin. I was a Teacher's Pet that loved learning as much as possible about EVERYTHING. Even now if I set my mind to wanting to learn something I can and will learn everything about it. I am still passionate about the arts which helps me in this artistic field. My perfectionist nature helps with an eye for the jobs I take on. I am originally from Mt. Juliet, TN. I graduated at MJHS in 2005. My husband is from Pleasant View, TN graduated SHS in 2003, which has brought us here to call Ashland City our home. I wouldn't be where I am today without my loving husband Derek. If you happen to see him, tell him great job on the Honey-Do-List. He'll appreciate that.

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