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COVID-19 Protocol

In light of current events. I would like you to know what’s going on at Kelsey Ann Dog Grooming and the measures I’m taking to ensure your safety as well as my family’s.

I have several elderly clients, also my husband and youngest son have asthmatic conditions, so I am taking this potential outbreak very seriously. I would rather prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

That said, I will not be allowing anyone to come inside for drop off/pick up.

The following policies will be in effect

until future notice to help promote "Social Distancing".

1. ARRIVAL: When you arrive for your appointment you may stay in your car and I will come get your dog from you. Text 615-398-9364 upon arrival, if you are more than 5 minutes early/late, you may have to wait.

2. DROP OFF: Please remove all collars and personal belongings off your pet. PLEASE leave them in the vehicle until I have them secure for their safety. I will supply a slip lead to secure your pet to enter. You may also exit your vehicle with your pet in their collar/leash and I will secure them with my lead before you remove their belongings.

3. PAYMENT: All payments will be via invoice (safe and backed by Square) or Venmo/Paypal. Please no checks or cash.

4. PICK UP: I will text a time for pick up. Please be prompt in picking up at the time I give the completion status to expedite pick ups and control traffic/workflow. Text 615-398-9364 upon arrival. If you are early/late, please expect to wait. I will bring them to the car for you.

5. CANCELLATIONS: My cancellation policy is that I require 48 hours notice to reschedule without a fee.* BUT *If you are ill or have been in contact with anyone showing signs of illness please inform me ASAP and we can reschedule if needed. Last minute cancellations without communication will result in fees prior to potential consideration for rebooking.

6. RESCHEDULING: If we need to reschedule please bear with me as we are all uncertain of what the future holds.

7. BOWS/BANDANNAS: I will not dress your pet in my stock of bows and bandannas, unless you request it. Please communicate at drop off if you would like your pet to have those finishing touches.

8. CLEANLINESS: I have a list from the CDC of approved disinfectants and will be washing my hands and wiping down surfaces between pets, wearing gloves and a mask the entire shift. Pets are not known to be vectors in this virus. Link here:

Thank you everyone. Other than that, it’s business as usual and hope everyone is doing well. Please contact me with any questions. I love you all and please stay well. ❤️ Kelsey Ann

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