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Thank you for selecting The Dog Studio for your dog's grooming needs.  
Below are some policies we would like to make you aware of


General Policies


  • In compliance with our Insurance Policy, absolutely under no circumstances is it safe for you to stay, hang out and watch us groom your dog. We are highly trained and have several mastery and safety certifications to professionally and safely groom your dog. Also, it slows us down significantly, it's just not safe, because your pet will try to get to you instead of allowing us to safely groom them. Please respect this policy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


  • The Dog Studio does not offer Boarding services. Per our lease we are unable to hold pets outside of business operational hours.-----Dogs must be picked up Promptly. Fees will incur 1 hour after grooming completion notification.  If you are unable to come pick up within the hour, a fee of $40 will be added to your bill for provided daycare.***UNLESS ARRANGED AND APPROVED AT THE TIME THE APPOINTMENT IS CONFIRMED FOR CANDIDATES THAT DO NOT BARK OR STRESS EXCESSIVELY.*** We close after the last dog of the day is picked up and do not accept walk-in appointments. Hours vary, however we do have days that may work for you if you need to work around your schedule, all we require is communication so we can meet your needs or refer you to a salon that can. After hours pick ups will incur daycare charges if pet has been ready for over an hour and an additional $25 PLUS $2 per minute. Repeat offenders will not be eligible for new appointments. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We offer a shuttle for clients within 5 miles please contact us for more info.

  • Per our lease we cannot have pet waste in the yard, so if you walk your pet here, you MUST clean up after your pet, the premises is under surveillance and offenders will have a charge on their file. We are happy to provide waste bags and a trash can. Please definitely walk your dog before they arrive whether it be at home or here. We understand accidents can occur but please be courteous to your pet and groomer. A $50+ fee may be added if your pet needs to be re-bathed for excessive accidents. Just give us a little heads up if they have NOT completed their business. Most of the time they immediately get their bath and blow dry. It really slows all of our appointments down if they have an accident that could've been avoided.

  • If you know your pet gets an upset tummy please do not feed them prior to grooming. Vomit isn't fun for anyone. Same reason as the accident scenario.

  • Grooming TYPICALLY takes anywhere between 2-5 hours per dog to complete depending on service. You will be given a time frame at drop off. Please give us that amount of time prior to calling and asking completion status. We send completion messages 30 minutes before time to pick up. Please do not show up unannounced, if your pet sees or smells you, they start a happy dance (the happy dance is our favorite, but only when they're leaving) and we may not be able to complete the service if they are auditioning for Broadway on the table.

  • We do not handle sedated or aggressive dogs.... that goes for humans too! :)

Large Dog

Payment & Cancellation/Late Fees

  • Tennessee Sales Tax: Be aware your bill will be subject to 9.25% TN Sales Tax.

  • YOU MUST PAY FOR SERVICES THE DAY OF THE SERVICE. We send invoices for card payment due prior to pick up or correct change in cash at pick up. We do not accept checks. Tips are very much appreciated by our groomers and bathers, if you desire to tip.

  • Appointments need to be cancelled 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged the cancellation fees. Holiday season (November 14-December 31) and all Saturdays and evening appointments are 100% for last minute cancellation. Regular, non-peak last minute appointment cancellation fee is $30 for 1st offense, 2nd is 100% and required non-refundable prepayment for future scheduling.

  • First impression policy: If a new client No-Shows the first appointment they will not be given another appointment. If an existing client No-Shows they will have to pre-pay to book another appointment if another appointment is available.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, we offer a 15 minute grace period, then add $1/min for an additional 15 minutes, after 30 minutes it is considered a no-show and you would be charged the cancellation fee for the service that was scheduled.  If you are running late, please text or contact us at 615-398-9364 and see if something can be worked out.


Vaccinations, Mats, Senior Pets & Fleas

  • The Dog Studio recommends all veterinary recommended vaccinations be current with your pet. It is your responsibility as the parent to ensure your pet's health by proper vaccinations. The Dog Studio does not accept sick or lethargic dogs. Tennessee requires all dogs to be current on their rabies shot.  Please have your dogs current rabies tag on their collar, or bring a copy of the vet records. 


  •  Excessive matting charges range based on how serious it is*.  We will always try to point out any extra charges when you drop off. You will be required to sign a waiver. *We will not de-mat pelted coats. "Humanity before Vanity we refuse to torture an animal to please a human". Charges for shaving matted coats start at $60/hr added to the cost of service to cover medicated soak, blade and tool damage and extra time it takes preparing a matted coat for services. Matting can reveal health issues and cause bruising underneath the skin, we are not liable for any injuries caused or revealed from mat removal services. If matting is too severe for us to handle we will refer your pet to a veterinarian supervised grooming salon.

  • Senior Pets (age varies from 9+) may need to be seen by a veterinarian to complete grooming services. Sometimes pets become senile or may have health conditions that deem grooming unsafe to the pet and/or Groomer. You will be required to sign a waiver upon drop off and if Grooming is unable to be completed you will only be charged for the work completed. Typically this is decided within the first steps of the grooming process. Please be available to pick up your senior promptly when called.

  • We do not handle flea infestations. If your pet has a live flea infestation please seek veterinary advice for flea prevention or elimination prior to seeing a groomer. If fleas are found on your pet, you will be notified immediately and a flea charge will be added to your bill. The prevention of fleas is crucial year round. Please speak to a vet about preventions that work. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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